North Beach

Just 10 minutes walk from La Gastrocasa (700m), enjoy one of the most splendid beaches in the Mediterranean.
With more than 7km of fine white sand, Nord Beach is the ideal place to take a bath, given the quality of its waters.
It also has different facilities and services that allow you to practice sports activities in the sand, as well as beach bars where you can taste local cuisine.

Auir Beach

It is located in the north of the Gandía coast, between the urbanized area and the Vaca River, just 15 minutes walk from the Gastrocasa.
It is a privileged space 3Km long where you can enjoy a wonderful dune landscape.
L'Auir beach is the ideal place to walk along the seashore in an environment of nature and tranquility unique to the area.

Visit to the Ducal Palace of the Borja Family

Discover the Ducal Palace, a jewel of Valencian heritage, with audio guides, expert guides and dramatized visits. Immerse yourself in the history of one of the most splendid families in our city.

Natural ar

Gandia has a first-rate natural environment, where the rich landscape and environmental interest intertwine to offer you a unique experience.
Every corner is a natural gem to be discovered, and preserving them is everyone's task. Dare to explore the unknown and attractive paths that Gandia's nature has to offer, and remember to act responsibly to keep this incredible environmental heritage intact.
Places of interest: - Aula Natura de Gandia Interpretation Center - Parpalló-Borell Interpretation Center - Cova del Parpalló - Marjal de Gandia - Protected Landscape of the Riu Serpis - Ullals of the Gandia Marsh

Sant Jeroni Monastery of Cotalba

Discover the grandeur of the Royal Monastery of Sant Jeroni de Cotalba in Alfauir, a monument built in 1388 and declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1994. With a unique fusion of architectural styles, from Gothic to Neoclassical, this monastery eight kilometers from Gandía stands out. for its exceptional conservation.
Explore its charming rooms, such as the Gothic tower, the Mudejar cloister and the old church with a Baroque chapel, as well as the impressive romantic gardens and the Gothic aqueduct that surrounds it.
Live a unique experience in the heart of the Valencian Community!

Discover Gandia and La Safor

Plan your vacation in Gandia through the city's tourist portal, where you have all the activities and places of interest.
And, if you need us to help you, we will be happy to inform you about what to do during your stay at La Gastrocasa.