If you want to know what the media are talking about La Gastrocasa, here you can find some articles and related reports. But, you know, reading it is not the same as living it, so ... we're waiting for you!

February 2022

Ocho hoteles "only adults" sin salir de España

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January 2019

Award "Mejor hotelero Ruralka 2018":

- Safor Guía: click here  and here to read it.

- Levante EMV: click here to read it.

- Las Provincias: click here to read it.

- Europa Press: click here to read it.


July 2018

Programa "Hoteles con encanto" de La Sexta TV. Click here to watch it.


June 2018

"Gandia, hija de la luz", by 5 barricas and BMW to El Mundo. Click here to read it.


October 2017

"Valencia region for active travelers" by american magazine Healthy Aging. Click here to read it.


October 2017

Award Innovation by FAES (Fed. Asoc. Empresarios de La Safor). Click here to read it.


July 2017

"La Gastrocasa, una escapada inolvidable", by magazine El Rincón del Sibarita. Click here to read it.


March 2017

Award Tourism Gandia 2017 to Innovation, quality and trajectory. Click here to read it.


February 2017

"Ruta para motos Gastronomía mediterránea, sol y asfalto", by V-Strom On Road. Click here to read it.


December 2016

"La Gastrocasa, primer hotel en España certificado en Inteligencia Turística". Click here to read it.