Welcome to our home

If you are reading these lines, it is because at some point you have felt the need to escape from the routine and live a different experience with your couple.

If so, my family and I will be happy to receive you and make you spend unforgettable days.

In July 2015 we started this adventure of turning our house into a charming hotel for adults only, and since then we have not stopped smiling.

First of all, because we have made this project a way of life, a job with which to enjoy and have fun every day, and, second, because we have received wonderful people to whom we have been able to transmit our idea of ​​rest, our taste for gastronomy and the great pleasure of teaching them our city, Gandia, a destination that shines with its own light with all its Mediterranean splendor.

Personal and family treatment, attention to small details, quality of service, hospitality, honesty ... are some of the values ​​that go along with us in this adventure and that you can be able to prove it.

We are sure that you will not regret your choice, and we will make sure that La Gastrocasa is the ideal place to enjoy that unforgettable getaway that you really desired.

See you soon!

Agus Gómez - Director of La Gastrocasa



Photo: Campaign "Gandia Brilla" of tourist awareness (2018) - Dept. of Tourism of the City Council of Gandia».